Sister Robert Anne’s Cabaret Class


In this one-woman show, Sister Robert Anne showcases an exclusive collection of songs from the entire NUNSENSE series, interspersed with humorous stories and audience interaction. As the Sister “teaches” us how to put together a cabaret act, she takes us on a journey of some of the most memorable numbers by award-winning composer Dan Goggin. The CABARET CLASS is performed on a simple set by Sister Robert Anne and her accompanist.

Video Sampler of Sister Robert Anne’s Cabaret Class

*Music samples provided courtesy of Nunsense Records, Dan Goggin and Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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  • Sister Robert Anne’s Cabaret Class is one of the musicals in the Nunsense Musical Collection.

    This is a one-woman show filled with delightful “Nunsense” humor and audience participation segments. Requiring only a blackboard, a desk, and a piano, Sister and her musical accompanist “teach” her “class” how to put together a cabaret act. Interspersed are some of the best and most memorable “Nunsense” musical numbers.

    A One Nun-sense Musical Event
    By Dan Goggin

  • SISTER ROBERT ANNE’S CABARET CLASS is performed with Piano accompaniment.

  • 1       Prompt Book
    2       Prompt Books for Dialogue and Director
    1       Cast Album CD

  •  Principals

    (5 female; 1 male)

    Sister Mary Paul — also known as Amnesia
    Sister Mary Wilhelm — Superintendent of Nursing for the Diocese of Newark
    Sister Robert Anne — also voice of the puppet nun, Sister Mary Annette
    Sister Mary Leo — young novice who wants to be a ballerina
    Father Virgil Manly Trott — sister Mary Leo’s brother; Franciscan priest and country singer
    Sister Mary Regina — Mother Superior of the Little Sisters of Hoboken


    Brother/Sister Stage Manager — appears as him/herself with messages for the others

    The original production had a cast of 7 performers.

  • SISTER ROBERT ANNE’S CABARET CLASS presents highlights from all seven NUNSENSE shows: Nunsense, Nunsense II, Nunsense Jamboree, Nuncrackers, Meshuggah-Nuns!, Nunsensations! and Nunset Boulevard.

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