The Red Mill (Revised 1945)


The Red Mill begins in a village in Holland where two American vaudevillians, Con and Kid, who have been traveling in Europe but itch to get back to New York, are stranded penniless in the little inn. As painters and their models sing about the troubles of being a poor artist, the models try to convince the painters to quit their work and have some fun (“By the Side of the Mill”). Overhearing the models complaining, Tina points out that at least the girls have boyfriends. Prompted by this statement Flora discloses that she longs for her painter to say that he loves her, and will one day, marry her (“Loved But Me”). Con and Kid try to sneak out of the inn without paying their bill, but they are discovered and sent to jail. The Innkeeper takes pity on them, however, and arranges for them to work at the inn to pay off their debt.
The Burgomaster’s daughter, Gretchen, loves Captain Willem. Her father, however, wishes her to marry the Governor of Zeeland. Con and Kid agree to help Gretchen and the Captain to elope. Willem tells the Burgomaster about this plot, and he locks Gretchen in the windmill. The Americans try to rescue her, but the Burgomaster has made all arrangements for the marriage between his daughter to the governor. Plotting with Tina, the two Americans finally help Gretchen to escape and then they appear at the wedding festivities (which are missing the bride) disguised as Sherlock Holmes and Watson to “help” Burgomaster find his daughter. Bertha replaces Gretchen as the bride, marries the Governor (her childhood sweetheart), and her identity is then revealed. It turns out, luckily, that Captain Van Damm is heir to a large fortune. The fathers’ resistance falls away, and the lovers are united. The Americans return home to New York (“New York”).

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  • Music by Victor Herbert
    Book and Lyrics by Herbert Blossom

  • 1       Piano Conductor’s Score
    1       Prompt Book
    21     Dialogue Parts
    39     Chorus-Vocal Parts

  • This Broadway revival of the 1906 operetta opened at the Ziegfeld Theatre, October 16, 1945. It was later transferred to the 46th Street Theatre and the Shubert Theatre, and played for a total of 531 performances starring Michael O’Shea, Eddie Foy Jr., Juli Lynne Charlot, Eddie Dew, Charles Collins, Odette Myrtil and Hal Price.

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