Finian’s Rainbow (Two-Piano Concert Version)


Did you ever wonder “How Are Things in Glocca Morra?” or what would happen under an “Old Devil Moon,” or “When the Idle Poor Become the Idle Rich?” Enter the irresistible world of two Irish immigrants who come to America and live with poor, goodhearted American farmers; southern bigots — and a leprechaun! — in one of America’s classic and most original musicals, with a brilliant set of songs, a show as timely now as when it was written: FINIAN’S RAINBOW. This version features a cast of 14 and a two-piano accompaniment.

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  • Having left Ireland, Finian McLonergan and his daughter Sharon arrive in the American state of Missitucky with a magical golden crock which has been stolen from Og, a leprechaun. Finian buries the crock believing that it will grow bigger. Rawkins, a racist Senator, is determined to get his hands on the it but is thwarted when he is magically turned black and gets a helping of his own bigotry. Adaptor Charlotte Moore has made a sort-of-successful rewrite to this section by altering the nature of the transformation, but the show’s squiffy relationship to race remains a tangible undercurrent, made all the more poignant by its visible good-intentions. After many plot twists all is resolved and love, wealth and happiness descend on Rainbow Valley.

  • Book by E.Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy
    Music by Burton Lane
    Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg

    Book revised in concert form by Charlotte Moore

  • Concert Arrangement

    2 Pianos

  • 1 Prompt Book
    13 Prompt Books (for the stage performers)
    1 Two-piano score (2 Vol.)
    1 Two-piano score (for the pianists – 2 volumes each)
    13 Two-piano scores (for use as vocal parts)

  • Narrator — A well-spoken gentleman.
    Finian McLonergan — Completely Irish, father of Sharon. He is traveling America seeking his fortune by looking for a place to invest some gold, which he has “borrowed” from leprechauns at home in Glocca Morra.
    Sharon McLonergan — A lovely young Irish colleen traveling with her father and wise to his ways.
    Susan Mahoney — Woody’s mute sister, a dancer.
    Woody Mahoney — A young American, recently returned to Rainbow Valley from a stint in the Merchant Marines.
    Og — A semi-mortal leprechaun following Finian’s trail to recover the “borrowed” pot of gold.
    Senator Billboard Rawkins — The prototypical southern politician, orator and barbershop baritone.
    Buzz Collins — A dapper, cigar-smoking character with a derby hat and nervous manner. “Stooge” for Senator Billboard Rawkins.
    Sheriff (Chick) — A small, plump man who wears a ten-gallon hat and speaks with a show, whining delivery.
    Henry — A sharecropper’s kid who “reads” Susans dance steps.
    Howard — A black college student employed by Senator Rawkins.
    Mr. Shears — Businessman, tall.
    Mr. Robust — Businessman, short.
    Three Gospeleers — The Passion Pilgrim Gospeleers, a black male quartet minus one baritone.

    Various other parts as cast within the company.

    Casting note: The Irish Repertory Theatre production was performed with 14 performers and two pianists: 8 principal contracts and 6 chorus contracts. The parts of Henry, Maid and Howard doubled as Gospeleers and Chorus as needed. The Narrator doubled as Mr. Robust.

  • The concert version of FINIAN’S RAINBOW opened in New York at the Irish Repertory Theatre, April 15, 2004 starring Melissa Errico as Sharon and Malcolm Gets as Og, the leprechaun.

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