Cindy is an adaptation of the classic Cinderella story, set in modern-day New York City.

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  • “Cindy” has a Cinderella theme. Only in this instance, Cindy is one of three daughters of the Krellers, who own a Jewish delicatessen in downtown Manhattan.

    The Krellers are ambitious for their other daughters to marry, but not particularly so for Cindy. When the Ros­enfelds—rich friends—spon­sor a charity ball at the Plaza for the Keep Israel Green Fund, Cindy is left behind to attend to the groceries. But, an admirer of Cindy’s, whose aunt works a night shift in the garment center, borrows a dress and makes it possible for her to attend. At the ball, Cindy wins an original oil painting by Mrs. Rosenfeld because her foot fits a slipper —not glass, just plain doe skin.

    But the Cinderella theme of “Cindy” has a bit of a twist. Although Cindy meets her prince—in the person of the ’ Rosenfeld boy who is study­ing to be a doctor — she chucks him for a local ad­mirer.

  • Music and Lyrics by Johnny Brandon
    Book by Joe Sauter and Mike Sawyer


    1 Bass
    1 Percussion
    Piano (Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with perusal material)

  • 1       Piano Conductor’s Score
    1       Prompt Book for Director
    12     Prompt Books for Cast
    12     Vocal Parts

  • Cindy Kreller: Almost eighteen. Pert, tomboyish, very cute.

    Lucky: Twenty or so. Great charm and sympathy with a touch of wistful sadness and gentle humor. Any ethnic background.

    Irving Kreller: Cindy’s Papa. Gentle with a sense of humor, surrounded on all sides by females. Slight Jewish accent which tends to grow heavier every now and then. Fifties.

    Zelda Kreller: Cindy’s stepmother. Strong, agile, tends to be shrewish. The leader of the family. Fifties.

    Golda Kreller: Cindy’s stepsister. Short, plump. Late twenties. Who should contrast strongly with…

    Della Kreller: Cindy’s other stepsister. Tall and thin. Acid-tongued. Both anxious to find husbands though their prospects are slight.

    Chuck Rosenfeld: Very handsome and charming. Around 22.

    David Rosenfeld: Chuck’s father. In his fifties. A warm, friendly man who hasn’t forgotten his humble origins regardless of his wealth. A definite Jewish feel to his personality.

    Ruth Rosenfeld: Chuck’s mother. Elegant, well-groomed, far more sophisticated and “social” than her husband. Fifties.

    Girl Storyteller: A very important role for a dancer, singer, comedienne, who comments on the show, is in charge of changing scenes and doubles as “The Good Fairy.” Any ethnic background.

    2 Boy Storytellers: Her agile singing and dancing assistants. Any ethnic background.

    Note: To simplify directions, STORYTELLERS are referred to in the book as “GIRL,” “BOY 1 and BOY 2.”

  • CINDY opened Off-Broadway at the Gate Theatre, March 19, 1964 starring Jacqueline Mayo as the title character.

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