One of the most intriguing and delightful aspects of a musical show is its ability to open up a whole new world to both its audience and cast. The show that does this better than any other is BRIGADOON. This is a Scottish fantasy about a town that disappears into the Highland mist and returns for only one day every one hundred years. It includes Waitin’ for My Dearie, I’ll Go Home with Bonnie Jean, Come to Me, Bend to Me, Almost Like Being in Love, There But for You Go I, The Heather on the Hill and My Mother’s Weddin’ Day. This is a tribute to simplicity, true love and goodness, which is hidden from the ordinary traveler.

*Music samples courtesy of Jay Records and Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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  • “Once in the Highlands, the Highlands of Scotland, two weary hunters lost their way.” It is this desolate situation which Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas, two young New Yorkers, are contemplating when the curtain rises on a misty glen in Scotland. As the two exhausted men reflect on what they have forsaken in the States for their present predicament, a lift in the Highland veil reveals to them the awakening village of Brigadoon; a village which comes into being for only one day in each century.
    The strained and strange greetings of the villagers bedecked in 18th century costumes, who have gathered in the market square to sell their wares and to discuss the final wedding preparations of Jeannie MacLaren and the boyish Charlie Dalrymple, are softened for Tommy by his encounter with Jeannie’s lovely sister, Fiona, and enlivened for Jeff by his reluctant entanglement with the maid, Meg Brockie.
    The blissful occasion is momentarily tinged with gloom when the fate of Brigadoon is threatened by Harry Beaton, Jeannie’s rejected suitor. And Tommy, now burdened with the knowledge of Brigadoon’s secret and enraptured by the gentle charms of the beautiful Fiona, is confronted with the choice of remaining forever at the side of the Scottish lass or returning to the unsatisfying world familiar to him. At the close of the day he is still unable to commit himself without doubt or regret to Fiona and to Brigadoon, and leaves with Jeff for America.
    Restless and unhappy in New York, Tommy finally yields to the haunting memory of Fiona and, guided by the faith and strength of his love, finds his way back to Brigadoon.
    The misty mood of this Highland setting is strikingly complemented by bright 18th century costuming, contrasting the idyllic Brigadoon villagers with the malcontent young hunters. The fanciful flavor is augmented by superb choreography by Agnes de Mille which gracefully mingles the regional with the modern. An outstanding band orchestration by Philip J. Lang, as well as the standard orchestral accompaniment, offer a memorable resonance to the production.
    Like Tommy, the audience delights in the whimsical loveliness of the Highlands, and it is with similar reluctance that they exit Brigadoon.
    Show tunes include Almost Like Being in Love, The Heather on the Hill, There but for You Go I, Come to Me, Bend to Me, My Mother’s Wedding Day, I’ll Go Home with Bonnie Jean and Waitin’ for My Dearie.

  • Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
    Music by Frederick Loewe
    Original dances created by Agnes de Mille

  • Full Orchestration

    2 Violin I
    1 Violin II
    1 Viola
    1 Cello
    1 Bass

    1 Flute – Piccolo
    1 Oboe
    1 Clarinet I
    1 Clarinet II
    1 Bassoon

    1 Horn
    1 Trumpets I & II
    1 Trumpet III
    1 Trombone

    1 Percussion:

    Timpani (2 Drums)
    Snare Drum (Brushes & Sticks)
    Bass Drum
    Field Drum
    Tom Tom
    Temple Blocks

    1 Piano & Celeste (Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material)

    Optional additional materials are available (see list under Rehearsal Materials).

    Wind Band Arrangement

    1 Flutes I & II
    1 Oboes I & II
    1 Clarinet I
    1 Clarinet II
    1 Clarinet III
    1 Alto Clarinet
    1 Bass Clarinet
    1 Bassoons I & II
    1 Alto Saxophone I
    1 Alto Saxophone II
    1 Tenor Saxophone
    1 Baritone Saxophone

    1 Horns I & II
    1 Horns III & IV
    1 Trumpet I
    1 Trumpet II
    1 Trumpet III
    1 Trombone I
    1 Trombone II
    1 Trombone III
    1 Euphonium
    1 Tuba
    1 String Bass

    1 Timpani
    1 Percussion

    Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material.
    (Bagpipes ad lib., or Pit Orchestra parts)

    (Saxes are optional if all other Reeds are used)

    In arranging the music for this ensemble, some transpositions were necessary to accommodate the band instruments. Only the “BRIGADOON BAND” Piano-Conductor’s Score contains all the vocal and instrumental music transposed in the appropriate band keys. It is imperative that the “BRIGADOON BAND” Piano-Conductor’s Score (and NOT the published Piano- Conductor’s Score originally sent on perusal) be used for all rehearsals and performances for which the Bandstration will be used as accompaniment.

  • 1       Piano Conductor’s Score
    1       Prompt Book
    4       Prompt Books for Principal Characters
    1       Original Cast CD
    15     Dialogue Parts
    32     Chorus-Vocal Parts

    Optional Additional Materials

    1       Full Score (Partitur) in 2 volumes is available, at an additional charge, with the rental of the full orchestration. [SAMPLE]
    1       Stage Manager’s Guide
    1       Choreography Guide by original choreographer, Agnes de Mille

  • BRIGADOON played for 581 performances on Broadway at the Ziegfeld Theatre and for 685 performances in London at His Majesty’s Theatre. It has been revived on Broadway several times, most recently in 1980 at the Majestic Theatre, where it played for 133 performances.

    Awards (1947)

    The Tony Award for Choreography
    3 Theatre World Awards (Marion Bell as Fiona MacLaren; George Keane as Jeff Douglas; and James Mitchell as Harry Beaton).

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