A romantic Scottish fantasy, BRIGADOON takes place in a town that disappears into the Highland mist and returns for only one day every one hundred years. The beloved Lerner & Loewe score includes “Almost Like Being in Love,” “Waitin’ for My Dearie,” “I’ll Go Home with Bonnie Jean,” “Come to Me, Bend to Me,” “There But for You Go I,” “The Heather on the Hill” and “My Mother’s Weddin’ Day.”

Music samples courtesy of Jay Records and Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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  • Act I

    New Yorkers Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas, traveling in the Scottish Highlands on a game-hunting vacation, get lost on their first night out. Through the mist, they hear haunting music coming from a nearby village (“Brigadoon”). They soon discover a fair in progress, with villagers dressed in traditional Scottish tartan (“McConnachy Square”). Andrew MacLaren and his daughters arrive at the fair to purchase supplies for younger daughter Jean’s wedding to Charlie Dalrymple. Harry Beaton is madly in love with Jean and is depressed at the thought of her marrying another, unable to find comfort in Maggie Anderson’s devotion to him. Meanwhile, Jean’s older sister Fiona is in no hurry to wed (“Waitin’ For My Dearie”).

    Fiona invites Tommy and Jeff to have a meal and rest at the MacLaren home. Flirtatious dairymaid Meg Brockie immediately takes a liking to Jeff and leads him off. Charlie appears, rejoicing in his impending nuptials (“Go Home with Bonnie Jean”). Charlie mentions something about “the miracle,” but Fiona shushes him and leads him away. Despite Tommy’s engagement to a woman in New York, he and Fiona share a romantic morning together (“The Heather on the Hill”). Meanwhile, Meg aggressively pursues Jeff, but he prefers to nap, and she reflects on her unusual love life (“The Love Of My Life”).

    At the MacLaren home, Jean’s friends prepare her for her new life (“Jeannie’s Packin’ Up”). Charlie, forbidden from seeing his bride on their wedding day, years for one glimpse (“Come to Me, Bend to Me”). Jeff arrives wearing a pair of Highland trews (trousers); apparently his own pants have been damaged on a “thistle.” Tommy is overjoyed about meeting Fiona (“Almost Like Being In Love”). When he notices that all the events listed in the family Bible are 200 years old, Fiona sends him to the schoolmaster, Mr. Lundie.

    Mr. Lundie explains the story of Brigadoon: to protect Brigadoon from being changed by the outside world, 200 years ago the local minister prayed to God to have the town disappear, only to reappear for one day every 100 years. All citizens of Brigadoon are forbidden to leave the town, or it will disappear forever. Tommy asks hypothetically if an outsider could be permitted to stay. Mr. Lundie replies, “A stranger can stay if he loves someone here – not jus’ Brigadoon, mind ye, but someone in Brigadoon – enough to want to give up everythin’ an’ stay with that one person. Which is how it should be. ‘Cause after all, lad, if ye love someone deeply, anythin’ is possible.”

    The wedding begins with a grand processional of the clans. Mr. Lundie marries Charlie and Jean, and they perform a traditional celebratory wedding dance featuring sword dancers led by Harry. But the dance abruptly halts when Harry attempts to kiss Jean. In anguish over Jean’s wedding, he announces that he’s leaving Brigadoon, ending the miracle and causing the town to disappear forever into the Highland mist. Harry runs off as the curtain falls.

    Act II

    The men of the town, including Tommy and a reluctant Jeff, frantically try to find Harry before he can leave the town borders (“The Chase”). Suddenly, an agonized scream is heard. Harry, who appears to have fallen on a rock and crushed his skull, is found dead by the other men. Deciding not to tell the rest of the town until the next morning, the men carry Harry’s body away. Tommy sees Fiona, and they embrace, declaring their mutual love (“There But For You Go I”). Fiona reminds Tommy that the end of the day is near, and Tommy tells her he wants to stay in Brigadoon. Together, they go to find Mr. Lundie.

    Meanwhile, in the village, Meg recounts the day her parents were drunkenly married (“My Mother’s Wedding Day”), and the townsfolk dance until the gaiety is interrupted by Archie Beaton carrying Harry’s body. Maggie, who loved Harry, performs a funeral dance for her unrequited love, and the men of Brigadoon help Archie carry his son to the burial place.

    Tommy finds Jeff and announces his intention to stay. Jeff thinks the idea is absurd and argues with Tommy until he has convinced him that Brigadoon is only a dream. Jeff also reveals that he tripped Harry and accidentally killed him. Fiona and Mr. Lundie arrive, and Tommy, shaken by Jeff’s confession, tells Fiona that he loves her, but he can’t stay; he still has doubts (“From This Day On”). Fiona tells Tommy, as she fades away into darkness, that she will love him forever.

    Four months later, Jeff is drinking heavily at a hotel bar in New York. Tommy, who has been living on a farm in New Hampshire, confesses he’s still in love with Fiona and cannot stop thinking about her. His fiancée, Jane Ashton, a beautiful socialite, discusses their impending wedding, but everything she says reminds Tommy of Brigadoon (reprises of “Come to Me, Bend to Me,” “Heather on the Hill,” “Bonnie Jean,” and From This Day On”). Tommy tells Jane that he cannot marry her, and he resolves to return to Scotland.

    Tommy and Jeff return to the spot where they discovered Brigadoon and, as expected, they see nothing. Crestfallen, Tommy and Jeff turn to leave. Suddenly, they hear the faintest whisper of music, and Mr. Lundie appears. Tommy walks across the bridge in a daze to Lundie, who exclaims, “Oh, it’s you Tommy, lad. You woke me up. You must really love her.” Tommy is dumbfounded. “You shouldna be too surprised, lad,” Lundie explains. “I told ye when ye love someone deeply enough, anythin’ is possible. Even miracles.” Tommy waves goodbye to Jeff, and as the final chorus of “Brigadoon” rings out, he disappears with Mr. Lundie into the Highland mist to be reunited with Fiona.

    BRIGADOON (100%)
    Book and Lyrics by           Music by

    Original dances created by Agnes DeMille (50%)

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  • Choose either Full Orchestration or Wind Band Arrangement

    Full Orchestration

    2 Violin I
    1 Violin II
    1 Viola
    1 Cello
    1 Bass

    1 Flute – Piccolo
    1 Oboe
    1 Clarinet I
    1 Clarinet II
    1 Bassoon

    1 Horn
    2 Trumpets I & II
    1 Trumpet III
    1 Trombone

    1 Percussion:

    Timpani (2 Drums)
    Snare Drum (Brushes & Sticks)
    Bass Drum
    Field Drum
    Tom Tom
    Temple Blocks

    1 Piano & Celeste (Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material)

    Optional additional materials are available (see list under Rehearsal Materials).

    Wind Band Arrangement

    2 Flute I & II
    2 Oboe I & II
    1 Clarinet I
    1 Clarinet II
    1 Clarinet III
    1 Alto Clarinet
    1 Bass Clarinet
    2 Bassoon I & II
    1 Alto Saxophone I
    1 Alto Saxophone II
    1 Tenor Saxophone
    1 Baritone Saxophone

    2 Horn I & II
    2 Horn III & IV
    1 Trumpet I
    1 Trumpet II
    1 Trumpet III
    1 Trombone I
    1 Trombone II
    1 Trombone III
    1 Euphonium
    1 Tuba
    1 String Bass

    1 Timpani
    1 Percussion

    Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material.
    (Bagpipes ad lib., or Pit Orchestra parts)

    (Saxes are optional if all other Reeds are used)

    In arranging the music for this ensemble, some transpositions were necessary to accommodate the band instruments. Only the “BRIGADOON BAND” Piano-Conductor’s Score contains all the vocal and instrumental music transposed in the appropriate band keys. It is imperative that the “BRIGADOON BAND” Piano-Conductor’s Score (and NOT the published Piano- Conductor’s Score originally sent on perusal) be used for all rehearsals and performances for which the Bandstration will be used as accompaniment.

  • 1       Piano Conductor’s Score
    1       Prompt Book for Director
    19     Prompt Books for Cast
    30     Chorus-Vocal Parts

    Original Cast CD, if available, is sent with perusal material.

    Optional Additional Materials

    1       Full Score (Partitur) in 2 volumes is available, at an additional charge, with the rental of the full orchestration. [SAMPLE]
    1       Stage Manager’s Guide
    1       Choreography Guide by original choreographer, Agnes de Mille

  • Andrew MacLaren:
    Father of Fiona & Jean, a hearty soul in his late fifties. He is a bit pompous and has a loud and gruff voice.

    Angus MacGuffie:
    Middle thirties, sells eggs, milk and cream in MacConnachy Square with Meg. (Opt. Baritone voice. Non-singing if solo lines in #22 CHASE are given to MacGregor)

    Archie Beaton:
    A kind-looking Scot about 50, sells wool, plaids, etc.

    Charlie Dalrymple:
    A sandy-haired youth in his twenties, he is betrothed to Jean.

    Fiona MacLaren:
    Graceful and altogether lovely, she is about twenty-two or three. She is bright, has a gentle sense of humor and is completely frank to the point of being often quite disarming.

    New York, a bartender.

    Harry Beaton:
    Archie’s son, about 24, slender and extremely sensitive-looking. (Dancer)

    Jane Ashton:
    New York, she is in her late twenties, chic, very attractive, though perhaps a little severe; engaged to Tommy.

    Jean MacLaren:
    Attractive, shy and diffident, she is about eighteen. She is betrothed to Charlie Dalrymple. (Dancer)

    Jeff Douglas:
    About 35, retiring and good natured.

    A friend of Jean’s.

    Meg Brockie:
    With Angus, she sells milk and cream in MacConnachy Square.

    Mr. Lundie:
    A quaint Scottish school master in his late fifties. Wears glasses and a red Tam O’ Shanter. He is kind, his manner entirely benign, and he speaks with little trace of emotion. He is the “Dominie” of Brigadoon. His “accent” is pronounced, but he is always intelligible.

    Stuart Dalrymple:
    Sells woolen clothes in MacConnachy Square. (Chorus solo tenor voice.)

    Tommy Albright:
    About 30 years old, medium height, virile looking, with an attractive but sensitive face.

    Maggie Anderson:
    Has a “yearnin’” for Harry Beaton. (Dancer, non-speaking)

    Sandy Dean:
    Bass voice, sells candy in MacConnachy Square. (non-speaking)

    Sells salted meat in MacConnachy Square. (Chorus, solo baritone voice, non-speaking. Opt. may take ANGUS’ solo lines in #22 CHASE)

    (non-speaking. Girl dancer in “Bonnie Jean Ballet”)

    Sword Dancers:
    Two men (non-speaking)

    Two men (non-speaking)

    Townsfolk of Brigadoon

    Singers – 24
    Dancers – 20

  • BRIGADOON opened on Broadway at the Ziegfeld Theatre, New York, March 13, 1947 and played for 581 performances. The show ran for 685 performances in London at His Majesty’s Theatre. It has been revived on Broadway several times, most recently in 1980 at the Majestic Theatre, where it played for 133 performances.

    Awards (1947)

    The Tony Award for Choreography
    3 Theatre World Awards (Marion Bell as Fiona MacLaren; George Keane as Jeff Douglas; and James Mitchell as Harry Beaton).

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