A Charlie Brown Christmas


The classic animated television special A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS comes to life in this faithful stage adaptation where Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the other Peanuts grapple with the real meaning of Christmas.

Music samples provided courtesy of Fantasy Records
and Lee Mendelson Film Productions.

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  • When Charlie Brown complains about the overwhelming materialism he sees among everyone during the Christmas season, Lucy suggests that he become director of the school Christmas pageant. Charlie Brown accepts, but this proves to be a frustrating endeavor. When an attempt to restore the proper holiday spirit with a forlorn little Christmas fir tree fails, he needs Linus’ help to learn what the real meaning of Christmas is.

    by Charles M. Schulz
    Based on the television special by Bill Melendez
    and Lee Mendelson
    Stage Adaptation by Eric Schaeffer
    By Special Arrangement with Arthur Whitelaw and Ruby Persson

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  • Combo Instrumentation

    1 Piano
    1 Bass
    1 Percussion

    Snare Drum
    Bass Drum
    Tom Toms
    Floor Tom
    Cymals: Crash, Sizzle, Ride
    Handbells (or Glockenspiel)

  • 1     Prompt Book with Vocal Parts for Director
    11   Prompt Books with Vocal Parts for Cast
    1     Piano-Vocal Score
    1     Production Notes

    Optional Additional Materials

    1     Tams Rehearsal Aid

  • Charlie Brown
    Pig Pen

  • A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS was first shown as an animated television special in 1965 and has been part of the holiday tradition ever since. The stage adaptation was completed in 2013.

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    No Square Theatre LAGUNA BEACH, CA 12/03/2016 12/18/2016
    L.A. Matheson Secondary School VANCOUVER, BC 12/06/2016 12/15/2016
    First Mennonite Church DENVER, CO 12/06/2016 12/06/2016
    Little Theatre of Wilkes Barre EDWARDSVILLE, PA 12/08/2016 12/18/2016
    Arizona Broadway Theatre PEORIA, AZ 12/08/2016 12/27/2016
    Lake Park High School East ROSELLE, IL 12/08/2016 12/11/2016
    Lionheart Theatre Company NORCROSS, GA 12/08/2016 12/18/2016
    Sunrise Players MONUMENT, CO 12/08/2016 12/11/2016
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    Southern High School HARWOOD, MD 12/08/2016 12/10/2016
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    Pensacola Little Theatre PENSACOLA, FL 12/09/2016 12/20/2016
    The Wilton Playshop WILTON, CT 12/09/2016 12/11/2016
    Windmill Productions BELLEFONTAINE, OH 12/09/2016 12/11/2016
    Old Town Players VINCENNES, IN 12/09/2016 12/18/2016
    Lutheran High School INDIANAPOLIS, IN 12/10/2016 12/11/2016
    Warner Theatre TORRINGTON, CT 12/10/2016 12/18/2016
    Epiphany Players TOLEDO, OH 12/10/2016 12/11/2016
    Compass Academy IDAHO FALLS, ID 12/11/2016 12/14/2016
    Cocoa Village Playhouse COCOA, FL 12/12/2016 12/13/2016
    iDREAM Academy ALPINE, CA 12/13/2016 12/13/2016
    Sinclair Community College DAYTON, OH 12/15/2016 12/18/2016
    Concord Trinity United Methodist Church ST. LOUIS, MO 12/15/2016 12/15/2016
    Journey Church of Kankakee County KANKAKEE, IL 12/16/2016 12/18/2016
    Street Lamp Productions RISING SUN, MD 12/18/2016 12/20/2016