NUNCRACKERS The Nunsense Christmas Musical is over and the Kunkels (the poor family that lives behind Mount St. Helen’s School) have won the lottery. Although they had given their lottery ticket to the Sisters in exchange for some gifts, when it was discovered that the ticket was a winner, the sisters returned it to the … Read More

Happy Birthday to NUNSENSE Creator Dan Goggin!

DanGoggin Collage

Happy Birthday to Dan Goggin, actor/singer/composer/lyricist/librettist and creator of the enormously successful NUNSENSE series! Mr. Goggin has been entertaining audiences for decades with his hilarious and tuneful musicals starring the Little Sisters of Hoboken. At Tams, we proudly offer seven different shows in the NUNSENSE series. To honor Danny on his birthday, let’s take a look at these heavenly musical comedies. Read More