Song of Norway


SONG OF NORWAY is a romantic operetta based loosely on the life of composer Edvard Grieg, whose best loved compositions are transformed into glorious vocal numbers.

Music samples courtesy of Sepia Records and Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.


Rikard Nordraak, the young poet, has written a beautiful poem about Norway, which Edvard Grieg, the young composer, has promised to set to music. Edvard and Rikard accompany Nina Hagerup, with whom Edvard is in love, to the midsummer’s eve celebration in the small city of Bergen, Norway.

To this colorful town comes the famous opera star, Countess Louisa Giovanni, and her husband, Count Peppi LeLoup. The Countess is enchanted by the music and person of Edvard Grieg. She offers him the opportunity of accompanying her on a concert tour through Europe. Nina and Edvard announce their betrothal just prior to Edward’s departure with the Countess and her husband.

One year later, Edvard has attained some renown as a composer and is the rage of Copenhagen under the sponsorship of his patroness, the Countess. The elder Griegs have come to Copenhagen with Nina and Rikard to attend Edvard’s concert. They are taken aback at the change in the young composer. Nina and Rikard are upset, because Edvard has agreed to write the music for Henrik Ibsen’s poetic drama Peer Gynt, abandoning his promise to musicalize Rikard’s poem about Norway.


Based on the Life and Music of Edvard Grieg
Lyrics and Musical Adaptation by
Robert Wright and George Forrest
Book by Milton Lazarus
From a Story by Homer Curran
By Arrangement with Edwin Lester

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Full Orchestration:

2 Violin I
1 Violin II
1 Viola
1 Cello
1 Bass

2 Flute I & II
1 Oboe
2 Clarinet I & II
1 Bass Clarinet
1 Bassoon

2 Horn I & II
1 Horn III
2 Trumpet I & II
2 Trombone I & II

1 Percussion:

Timpani (2 drums)
Snare Drum
Bass Drum
Suspended Cymbal
Chime (F-sharp)
Sleigh Bells

1 Harp
1 Piano-Celeste

Piano-Conductor’s Score (2 volumes) sent with rehearsal material.

Rehearsal Materials

1       Piano Conductor’s Score (Two Volume Set)
1       Prompt Book for Director
29     Prompt Books for Cast
25     Chorus Parts
4       Conductor’s Scores for Principal Characters

Cast List

Einar, a boy
Gunnar, a boy
Sigrid, a girl
Helga, a girl
Eric, a boy
Grima, a girl
Christa, a girl
Rikard Nordraak Tenor
Nina Hagerup Soprano
Edvard Grieg Baritone
Father Grieg
Father Nordraak
Mother Grieg
Young People of the Village – Singers and Dancers
Freddy, the village fiddler
Count Peppi LeLoup
Louisa Giovanni (The Countess LeLoup) Soprano

Elvera )
Hedwig ) Music Students of
Greta ) Copenhagen Conservatory
Marghareta )
Miss Norden, a Faculty Member
Miss Anders, a Pupil of the Conservatory
Henrik Ibsen
Tito Proprietor of the Chocolate Shop
Pisoni Impresario of the Royal Opera
Major Domo At the Villa Pincio
Adelina, Prima Ballerina of the opera

Guests and Members of the Faculty at Copenhagen – Singers and Dancers
Employees at Tito’s – Dancers
Guests and Servants at the Villa Pincio – Singers and Dancers
Townspeople and Neighbors of Edvard Grieg – Singers

Brief History

SONG OF NORWAY played for 860 performances on Broadway at the Imperial and Broadway Theatres starring Irra Petina, Robert Shafer and Lawrence Brooks as Edvard Grieg. In London’s West End, it played for 526 performances at the Palace Theatre as the first Broadway import after the end of the Second World War.