ROBERTA features some of Jerome Kern’s most enduring hits and is set in the glamorous world of elegant Parisian fashion.


John Kent is a star football player, who finds his talents are more appreciated on the gridiron than on the dance floor of the Alpha Beta Phi Fraternity House of Haverhill College. His fiancée, Sophie Teale is irked at his clumsiness and embarrassing lack of ballroom charm. They quarrel and Sophie leaves for Paris with her mother.

John becomes heir to Roberta’s, an exclusive dress shop in Paris. He and Stephanie, a Russian exiled princess who is the dress designer of the establishment, together put on a stunning fashion show accompanied by an on-stage band.

John is jealous of Ladislaw, the doorman at Roberta’s, who seems to be very intimate with Stephanie. Later he finds that Ladislaw is only her cousin and is delighted. “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” Lovely To Look At,” “Let’s Begin” and “Devastating” are among the hit Jerome Kern tunes from this show.


Adapted from Alice Duer Miller’s Novel Gowns By Roberta
Music by Jerome Kern
Book and Lyrics by Otto Harbach

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Full Orchestration:

1 Violin A
1 Violin B
1 Violin C
1 Violin II
1 Viola
1 Cello
1 Bass

1 Flute
1 Oboe & English Horn
1 Clarinet
1 Bassoon

2 Trumpet I & II
1 Trombone

1 Percussion

1 Piano I (doubles Celeste)
1 Piano II

Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material.

Rehearsal Materials

1       Piano Conductor’s Score
1       Prompt Book for Director
40     Prompt Books for Cast
8       Vocal Parts
25     Chorus Parts

Cast List

(In order of their appearance, as they speak)
Babe Face, the flapper
“Gin” Blossom, the freshman
Billie, the hoofer
Huckleberry Haines, the crooner
Sophie Teale, the debutante
Mrs. Teale, her mother
John Kent, the fullback
Aunt Minnie (trade name “Roberta”)
Ladislaw, the doorman
Stephanie, the assistant to Roberta
Lord Henry Delves, the friend of Roberta
Mme. Nunez (Scharwenka) The star customer
Marie, the stylist
Mme. Anna Grandet
Sidonie, the presser
Luella La Verne, the model
M. Leroux, the solicitor
“The Collegians” the jazz band
Angela, the assistant

Brief History

ROBERTA played for 295 performances on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre starring Tamara Drasin, Bob Hope, George Murphy, Lyda Roberti, Fred MacMurray, Fay Templeton, Ray Middleton and Sydney Greenstreet.