Milk and Honey


The story of MILK AND HONEY centers on a busload of lonely American widows hoping to find romance while vacationing in Israel during that nation’s early days of independence.

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MILK AND HONEY is a musical based on an Israeli theme. Much of the music is derived from the Israeli folk music and its dances. The underlying thread of the story is of the proud, fierce love that the pioneers have for their new freedom in the Promised Land. The story is unabashedly sentimental, extolling the virtues of the vigorous life in Israel, and honoring the zeal and hard work of those who have transformed the arid desert land into a verdant oasis of prosperity.

The main action is of an unusually adult and down to earth romance between Ruth Stein, a youngish American widow tourist, and Phil Arkin, a retired American business man who is married but long separated from his wife. Phil is in Israel visiting his daughter Barbara, who has married a young Israeli pioneer.

The show envelops you in affection for the people of Israel. There is exceptionally fine opportunity for doing the lively folk dances. The rousing title song really stays in your mind. Mrs. Weiss’ Widow’s Song and Chin Up are clever and funny. David sings the lovely ballad I Will Follow You to his wife. The duet Shalom is pleasant and catchy, and Phil’s There’s No Reason in the World and Like A Young Man are outstanding.


Book by Don Appell
Music and Lyrics by Jerry Herman
Original Production by Gerard Oestreicher


Full Orchestration:

2 Violin A
1 Violin B
1 Viola
1 Cello
1 Bass

1 Reed I: Flute & Piccolo
1 Reed II: Flute & Clarinet (or Flute)
1 Reed III: Oboe & English Horn
1 Reed IV: Eb Clarinet (or Clarinet) & Clarinet
1 Reed V: Clarinet & Bass Clarinet

1 Horn I & II
1 Trumpet I & II
1 Trumpet III
1 Trombone I (doubles Euphonium)
1 Trombone II

2 Percussion I & II:

Timpani (3 drums)
Snare Drum
Bass Drum
Timbales (3)
Tom Toms (3)
Suspended Cymbals
Hi-Hat Cymbals
Finger Cymbals
Tam Tam
Hand Bell (no pitch)
Wood Block
Temple Blocks

1 Harp

Piano-Celeste (Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material.)

Rehearsal Materials

1       Piano Conductor’s Score
1       Prompt Book
24     Dialogue Parts
34     Chorus-Vocal Parts

Brief History

MILK AND HONEY played for 543 performances on Broadway at the Martin Beck Theatre starring Robert Weede, Mimi Benzell, Molly Picon and Tommy Rall.