Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


Based on Anita Loos’s 1925 bestseller of the same title, GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES follows Lorelei Lee, a blonde from Little Rock, Arkansas, who sails to Europe with her friend Dorothy to perform in a nightclub in Paris. Music samples provided courtesy of DRG Records, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc. and Music Sales Corp.

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Music by Jule Styne
Lyrics by Leo Robin
Book by Anita Loos and Joseph Fields
Adapted from the Novel by Anita Loos


Full Orchestration:

2 Violin I (2 stands)
2 Violin II (2 stands)
1 Viola
1 Cello
1 Bass

1 Reed I: Flute, Clarinet & Alto Saxophone
1 Reed II: Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet & Alto Saxophone
1 Reed III: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet & Tenor Saxophone
1 Reed IV: Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet & Tenor Saxophone
1 Reed V: Clarinet, Bassoon, Alto Saxophone & Baritone Saxophone

1 Horn
1 Trumpet I & II
1 Trumpet III
1 Trombone I
1 Trombone II

1 Percussion:

Timpani (2 drums)
Bass Drum
Snare Drum
Tom-toms (2)
Bongo Drums
Cymbals (2)
Hi-Hat Cymbals
Ship’s Bell (SFX)
Boat Whistle (SFX)
Wood Block
Slide Wind Machine
Auxiliary instruments for:
Trumpet II: Tin Shaker
Trumpet III: Jawbone
Trombone I: Claves
Trombone II: Gourd

1 Guitar & Banjo
1 Piano & Celeste

Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material.

Rehearsal Materials

1       Piano Conductor’s Score
1       Prompt Book
20     Prompt Books for Dialogue Parts
34     Chorus-Vocal Parts

Cast List

Lady Phyllis Beekman:
A matron representing the British traveling upper class.

Sir Francis Beekman*:
Traveling with his wife but easily distracted by young women.

Dorothy Shaw*:
(dancer/singer) Follies dancer and fun-loving best friend to Lorelei.

Mrs. Ella Spofford*:
Philadelphia’s richest woman-alcoholic mother of Henry.

Henry Spofford*:
Shy college student, William Penn Memorial Glee Club conductor.

Lorelei Lee*:
Follies dancer, “retired” by a practical arrangement with Mr. Gus Esmond, Jr.

Gus Esmond (Jr.)*:
The Button King, sponsor of Lorelei and Dorothy’s trip to Paris.

Josephus Gage*:
The Zipper King, an entrepreneur and health addict.

Gloria Stark:
(dancer) Follies dancer and former colleague of Lorelei and Dorothy.

Robert (Robbear) Lemanteur:
French magistrate.

Louis Lemanteur:
Son of Robert, a police officer.

Esmond (Sr.):
Frail founding elder in firm control of his son and his Button empire.

Coles & Atkins*:
(singers/specialty tap dancers) Originally played by Honi Coles and Cholly Atkins —non-speaking roles — they are the entertainers at the Pre-Catalan Club for the number “Mamie is Mimi.”

*principal singers
(dancer) A small speaking role as the Master of Ceremonies at the Pre-Catalan Club. Bill is the dance partner for Dorothy in the numbers “I Love What I’m Doing” and “Keeping Cool With Coolidge.”

Small speaking parts, doubling roles:

A steward on the “Ile de France.”

On the “Ile de France.”

2nd Steward:
On the “Ile de France”.

3rd Steward:
On the “Ile de France”.

An Olympic boy, team member.

An Olympic boy, team member.

Two Show Girls:
Passengers aboard ship.

Two Other Show Girls:
Passengers aboard ship.

Olympic Man:
Passenger aboard ship.

Taxi Driver:
(dancer) A Frenchman, may be played by Bill, dance partner for Gloria in the scene under the Eiffel Tower.

A valet in the Ritz Hotel in Paris.

Maître d’ Hôtel:
Pre-Catalan Club, Paris.

Pre-Catalan Club, Paris.
Fifi & Zizi:
Girls being escorted by Sir Francis in Paris.

Central Park Casino, New York

Non-speaking doubling roles played by Chorus and Dancers.
On Ship:
Stewards (Male Quartet including Pierre)
Olympic Team Boys (8 including Frank & George)
Banner Carriers (2 young girls)
Showgirls: (8)
Autograph Seekers
Ship’s Passengers & Their Friends

In France:
Nursemaids (Sopranos & Altos) (9)
Workmen (Tenors & Basses) (9)
Shopgirls (8 Dancers)
Parisien Men (8 Dancers)
Breton Nurse
Little Girl (The nurses charge)
Priest (Tenor solo)
Paris Party People
Pre-Catalan Club Dancing Patrons
Waiters & Bartender
Flower Girl (Sells an orchid to Gus for Gloria)
Gigolo (Joins Zizi & Fifi when Sir Francis leaves)
Solo Tenor (or Contralto for the “Coquette” number)

In New York:
Singers & Dancers (as couples ballroom dancing at a party in the Central Park Casino)
Casino Waiters
Wedding Guests (They respond on cue as a group)
Policeman (Uniformed escorted for Esmond Sr.)
Bridesmaids & Wedding Attendants (Chorus)

12 principal speaking roles
7 principal singing roles (Dorothy also a principal dancer)
2 specialty singers/tap dancers (Coles & Atkins)
1 principal male dancer (Bill)
1 principal girl dancer (Gloria)
18 minimum chorus (5 soprano, 4 alto, 5 tenor, 4 bass)
16 dancers (8 girls & 8 boys)

Brief History

GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES opened in 1949 and played for 740 performances on Broadway at the Ziegfeld Theatre starring Carol Channing, Yvonne Adair, Jack McCauley, Eric Brotherson and George S. Irving. The show was revived on Broadway in 1995 at the Lyceum Theatre starring KT Sullivan.