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A Musical Play by S. N. Behrman and Joshua Logan
Based on the Trilogy of Marcel Pagnol
Music and Lyrics by Harold Rome


Based on Marcel Pagnol’s stage and film trilogy, "Marius," "Fanny" and "César," this romantic tale of love, secrets and passion set in the seaport milieu of old Marseille.

AWARDS (1954-55)

The Tony Award for Best Actor.


FANNY played for 888 performances on Broadway at the Majestic and Belasco Theatres starring Ezio Pinza, Walter Slezak, Florence Henderson and William Tabbert.


FANNY offers a serious and sympathetic account of the call of the sea versus the call of love among the earthy denizens of the teeming Old Port of Marseille. The songs serve as real emotional peaks in the dialogue, and the orchestra underlines the action with brief random passages. Familiar favorites are the title song, "Restless Heart," a driving chant of the sea-crazed Marius, the lovely ballads, "The Thought of You" and "I Have to Tell You," César’s, "Love is a Very Light Thing" and Panisse’s, "To My Wife." Variety is added by the amusing "Be kind to your Parents" and "Octopus Song." "Welcome Home" is indeed a touching number.

Marius, Fanny’s sweetheart is more enchanted with ideas of world travel than with love. He feels an irresistible call of the sea, leaving behind his father and sweetheart. Wealthy, middle-aged Panisse marries Fanny to give her son an affectionate father and is delighted with his belated acquisition of a family. Derelict Marius returns but is sent away by his saddened father. Finally Panisse dies, and Marius claims his rightful family. FANNY is a colorful, human, tuneful romance.


Full Orchestration:

2 Violin AC
1 Violin B
1 Violin D & Mandolin
1 Viols
1 Cello
1 Bass
1 Reed I: Flute & Piccolo
1 Reed II: Oboe & English Horn
1 Reed III: Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
1 Reed IV: Flute & Clarinet
1 Reed V: Clarinet & Bassoon
1 Horn I & II
1 Trumpet I & II
1 Trumpet III
1 Trombone I
1 Trombone II
1 Percussion
1 Harp
1 Concertina
1 Piano & Celeste
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